Whether you’re just starting out in the gym, or you’re an elite athlete, choosing the right weight for your exercise is crucial. By increasing your weights in smaller increments, you can maintain good form and technique during your exercise and keep tighter control over your workout plan.

With Progress Weights, a simple ‘push and click’ attaches the 0.5kg plates onto the dumbbell and a ‘pinch and pull’ motion quickly removes them. By adding just 1kg to the dumbbell means it’s easier to lift heavier and still complete your exercise properly, which means it’s easier to make progress which keeps motivation high.


  • Solid steel dumbbells with a premium, heavy duty urethane coating
  • Fixed end construction with no bolts and no moving parts, so there’s nothing to come loose
  • Heat-treated straight steel handle with medium grade knurling
  • Hard-wearing urethane coating absorbs impacts well and resists cracking far better than rubber dumbbells, it’s also odourless and won’t scuff other surfaces
  • Neutral colour scheme ensures they’ll look great in all gyms and fitness centres
  • 0.5kg steel plate has a robust spring mechanism, to ensure the plate stays in place even when the dumbbell is dropped
  • Easy ‘push and click’ and ‘pinch to release’ motion to add or remove the plates quickly


Available in pairs, from 10kg to 84kg (in 2kg increments), so you can build your own set and choose the weight range that’s right for your gym.

Also available is a 1–10kg set (in 1kg increments) which comes with a vertical rack, see below.

Handle diameters: 1–18kg: 30mm, 20–28kg: 32mm, 30kg and over: 34mm

All dumbbells are covered by a 3-year warranty



  • Solid steel dumbbells with a premium urethane coating
  • Heat-treated straight steel handle with medium grade knurling
  • Neutral colour scheme complements all gyms and fitness centres
  • 30mm diameter handle on all weights

Vertical Rack

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Solid and stable design
  • Powder coated to give a durable finish
  • Rubber saddles protect the dumbbell handles from damage
  • Rubberised feet ensure the racking doesn’t damage gym flooring
  • Dimensions and Weight: Width 710mm x Depth 580mm x Height 1500mm (62kg)

Dumbbells and rack covered by a 3-year warranty

Keep making progress

Get more out of your workout with Progress Weights.
Always find the right weight. Never stop improving.

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