Based in the UK, just near Cambridge, we’re looking to do things a little differently and make a real change to free weights areas in gyms and fitness centres.


Having noticed that it was hard for many gym users to make increases in the weights that they lift, or find the perfect weight for their exercise, we spotted a real need for innovation in the free weights world. The dumbbell hasn’t changed too much in recent years, while other pieces of gym equipment have evolved and been improved upon hugely, the dumbbell has stayed the same.

We are changing this.

To make it easier for gym users to get more from their training, we’re making it so the dumbbell adapts to their workout, not the other way around.


Not only are we looking at free weights from a gym user’s perspective, we are also challenging the way they are seen and purchased by gyms as well.

We appreciate that not all gyms are the same.

This is why you won’t find fixed sets of dumbbells at Progress Weights, we allow gyms to build their own set and choose the range of dumbbells that works for their gym and their clients. To go with this, we wanted to offer a wide range of racking sizes, putting gyms in control of their racking layout to suit their facility.

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